September 25, 2007

Google's path widens for good

google_iconGoogle is sure enough the Next-Gen Microsoft. In 1990s, Startup CEOs feared to get in the way of Microsoft, as it was the Don of the decade. Now in 21st century, they have one more name to fear, and that is Google.

Google is slowly spreading itself to every corner of a geek's life. Though only a few of its products including 'Search' are positioned to be the best in their domain, they're all certainly exquisite & rank within Top 5.

If rumors are true, Google is supposedly building a G-phone that would be offered for free. Read more about its possible configuration from Engadget. We've seen how Google directly competes with Yahoo in many of its services such as Email, IM, Calendar, etc. In the recent past, Google had also bid for wireless spectrum. It contributes heavily for all things that is OPEN - open apps, open platform, open devices, open services and open network.

Google is trying to diversify like how Microsoft did, but without the evil tag. Take time to look at how Microsoft gets into anything that is hip and trendy. Be it O.S, Software, Game-Consoles, Web, Keyboards, Webcams, or Programming. That's a very impressive strategy. However, some wonder why? ? ? The answer is - If they are glued to their expertise alone, death will not be far off.

A good case-study is Apple, Inc.. Apple is sure a great company and they make the coolest O.S, Software, and Computers. But, it was in great trouble until Steve Jobs launched Ipod and pulled Apple into the music industry. It realized the importance of diversification a little later than the other big-shots like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, ...

So, Google has made the right choice to diversify their product line-up, and continue to focus on their core strength (Search).

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