January 09, 2007

Ford reserves a place for Microsoft

Ford Motor Co. has teamed up with Microsoft to provide an excellent integration of in-car mobile and entertainment systems. The whole concept relies on Bluetooth or USB cable to serve as a communication medium. Here is an excerpt from ComputerWorld:

The Ford-exclusive technology -- based on Microsoft Auto software called Sync -- allows users to operate just about any mobile phone or digital media player using voice commands or the vehicle's steering wheel or radio controls, according to the companies.

I feel this more exciting than GM's onstar service. Of-course, they are completely different and each have their own purpose. But, this in-sync feature by Ford entices all its customers (youth, families, businessmen, techies, geeks, gals,...) in buying its automobiles. I wonder how much good could on-star service bring to GM. Its a smart investment by Ford.

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