January 12, 2007

Certification Programs - Good for all

I recently read an article that discusses whether certification exams are a scam? No way... Here are my thoughts on it.

In my opinion, certification exams are good examples of an all-win strategy. In my opinion, certification exams are good examples of an all-win strategy. Everyone gains! Having got a couple of SUN certifications myself, I know how beneficial they can be. Lets analyze the benefits...

By offering a certification, the underlying technology (product) grows, and extends its reach among the techies. Slowly, you can find an increasing awareness about that technology in the Industry. The company that owns that technology benefits due to its increasing awareness.

The company that organizes the certification exam charge the applicants, and hence can earn easy money. Finally, the applicant gets to learn the technology inside out in-order to crack the exam. The certification exam is a good incentive for aspirants to learn & master something new. Its now become a trend... a simple way to stand out from the rest. As a result, a certified professional finds it relatively easy to get a job, ask for a promotion, impress the boss, ...

I personally support the concept of certification exams always~ The point of debate is whether the aspirant is asked to pay too much for taking up the certification. I feel the cost of most certification exams are appropriate. Mind you~ Making them too cheap will lessen their value.

For the exams that I am aware of, memorization does not help. So, the candidate should genuinely know his subject. However, no promise can be made about his practical knowledge of the product.

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