January 05, 2007

BStir updated

Earlier this week, we were working on the code behind BStir. So, you might have seen the BStir module on your blog not performing very well last week. But now, things are in place, and the code is stabilized. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Whats new?
You know that BStir relies on Google Blog-Search for retrieving your earlier blog posts. But there are times when Google Blog-search api may not have any results to return, or fails to return the results.

So now, we have added a backup solution. In the case of no results from Google Blog API, we fetch your blog-posts using Yahoo search API. So at all times, BStir shall work as it claims.

UPDATE: An option to specify a particular character-encoding scheme is now available. It defaults to UTF-8 (unicode) charset.

1 Comment:

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