January 04, 2007

Contribute to see India Shining

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I came across a very interesting audio-slideshow that talks about the current scenario, and the on-going efforts to bring growth in India. The presentation is very well done, and the content is good too. Check it out if time permits!

Here are some valid statements that caught my attention in this audio-slide... The globalization has caused rich to get richer, and the poor get poorer in India. Inspite of all the bells & whistles we've been hearing about India's growth in the recent past, there has been a very less impact on the Indian villages. I also learnt about Akshaya Patra (Unlimited food for life), and American India Foundation.

Its very true that the rich & the educated should take more initiatives to serve India. Its our country... should'nt we care enough to see smiling faces among the children of our country. Its a call to the whole nation... every individual in India, and every layman should serve the needy. I'd like to lay more stress for all the educated class, the rich, NRIs, entrepreneurs, social workers, and more importantly the youth.

The reason why India has not yet attained 'A Developed Nation' status is only because of the lack of benevolent nature among all us. Just blaming at the politicians is not a solution. There are good & bad politicians in every country and India is no exception. There should be an inherent nature among the people to lend a helping hand to the needy.

We've seen many people who sacrifice their lives to serve the society. But one such person in a million cannot make much of a difference. Realistically, none of us need to sacrifice our lives to serve others. We just need to make it a part of our lifestyle to help others.

Here is a plan-of-action to get you started. Do a quick search for charity institutions, orphanages, etc... in your neighborhood and learn about the ways you can contribute to it. It can be giving money, food, clothes, doing volunteer work, etc... Check out my post on Charity.

Lets all join hands, and bring fortune to India.


Balaji said...

While I wont discount charity, too much of blame is put over the reforms for not solving poverty. To be honest, a lot of villages in states that have embraced reforms have been changed. States like Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Haryana, HP... are having all around progress (even in rural areas), while India's problems stem with reformless states like UP, Bihar, West Bengal that account for most of the problem spots in the statistics.

So, the issue is that anyone joining the reform platfom get better and the rest are left. We need to extend the scope of reforms to reach agriculture and other sectors that touch the poor, and extend to those states that are having the social ills. 99% of all problems can be solved by economic solution and the remaining 1% rough edges need to be greased by charity. But, charity can never bring the trillions needed for the poverty alleviated.

tpraja said...

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