July 17, 2006

US Textbooks teach biased view of Hinduism

It was found that the US school books contain factual inaccuracies, distortions, bias, prejudice and personal opinion about Hinduism and the history of India. Here is the quote by Dr. Rakesh Bahadur: "One day my daughter came home and said, 'Daddy, what you teach us about Hinduism is wrong'".

Check out this article for the complete story. US is a nation of immigrants... and a bias of this sought is very unfair and shameful to the nation. This has also been reported in 'The Washington Post', and here is an excerpt...

Balaji Hebbar, a George Washington University religion professor who was one of three scholars hired by Fairfax County to review the books cited by the group of Indian parents, said he and his colleagues found few factual errors. But he said the lessons boiled down a complex culture to "karma, cows and caste."

"It's as if I were making a picture book of the United States, and I took pictures of the bad parts of D.C., the run-down parts of New York City and the smoke stacks of Cleveland and left out the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty," Hebbar said. "I would be telling the truth, but I would only be telling half the truth."

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