July 11, 2006

Guru Poornima

Today is a very sacred day... Its Guru Poornami. Guru refers to our master who removes the fundamental ignorance, and enlightens our lives. The poornima is the full moon day, and it has been fixed for revering him. Today is the day of the year we honour sage Vyasa, who set down in writing the Vedas which previously were known only in the form of sound. Check this article that explains Guru Poornima in a very consise and a informative manner. Here is an excerpt from it...

This is a sacred day. It is the day when we honour Sage Vyasa, who gave mankind the precious gem of Saguna worship ( worship of God with Form) and the hope and assurance that Manava (man) can become Madhava (God), that Nara can become Narayana, that Jeeva can become Brahman,... ... ... # Vyasa was a great Rishi (sage). He is described as an incamation of Lord Narayana. He set down in writing the Vedas which previously were known only in the form of sound. He was the great grandson of Arundhati (wife of Vasishta). He codified the Vedas. As he was born on the full moon day in the month of Aashaada, this day is celebrated as Vyasa-poornima. Vyasa glorified the divinity that is equally present in all human beings and propagated this truth to the world. After writing the eighteen puranas, he summed up their message in one line : "Paropakaraha Punyaya, Paapaaya Parapeedanam"(Helping others is meritorious harming other is sinful). "Help ever, hurt never". Vyasa was the great teacher who gave many profound and sacred truths to mankind. Hence his birthday is celebrated as Guru Poornima.

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