July 27, 2006

India-US Nuke deal

The India-US Nuclear deal will be a landmark to India's bi-lateral relationship with US. This will let India to better utilize the technology, potential, and resources. Whatz the clause...? It has to place two-thirds of its existing and planned civil nuclear reactors under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency, in exchange for civil nuclear commerce with the United States.

Here are few of the factors that aided India to bag the deal...

  • The reputation of India as a peace-loving nation put her in good pages of US. There is a firm belief that India would continue to remain the same irrespective of her power and technology.
  • In the recent years, India has played a crucial role in world politics, and improved its American bi-lateral relationship. The experts state "India is just too important for America", and expects the deal to be implemented on a fast track.
  • The Indian American community did whatever they could... "We are the largest contributer (among) ethnic groups in the US. So our voice in Capitol Hill is very huge," said Supriya Christopher, executive director of USINPAC.
Putting all the pieces together convinced United States to give a nod at the deal.

Now, the Indian government is working hard to convince the Left for this Nuke deal. Check out this article for more details. Doubtlessly, there are a few trade-offs to be made... In my opinion, the end result serves more purpose and is vital for a long term growth. This reminds me of the liberalization of social reforms by India in 1991. Opening the Indian gates to welcome foreign products was a big step for India in the light of globalization. Those bold moves in the past despite criticism paid off in creating a rapidly developing India as it is today... Similarly, this nuke deal will break the barriers faced by Indian scientists to make advancements in civil energy production. We will realize how much good came from this deal in the coming years.

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