July 26, 2006

How to live the right way

Here are my thoughts (20 of them) on how to live life, and make my life interesting... Supposedly a fraction of infinite possible ways to stand out of the dull routine life...

  • Take (atleast) one good principle in life, and stick to that one principle for all your life... whatever be the odds you have to face.

  • Create a lifestyle of your own (eg. Buy only reputed/branded products, Do not buy used stuff, ...)

  • Have an iconic behavior & style (i.e.) Get inspired by others, but do not immitate others in terms of behavior and style.

  • Set your priorities right... and be clear about it.

  • Pick your favorites, and have a choice-list of your own. Do not just go by the defaults, or the cheapest... Most of us have our preferences with food and clothing, but take the defaults for others.

  • Be consistent in your decisions.

  • Gather your thoughts on the following question, and set your actions accordingly... Why are we all here on this planet? and what are our duties during our stay?

  • Make your share of contribution to the society... Let it be in the form of donations, or service.

  • Set your long term career goals and strive for it relentlessly (usually on weekends)

  • Once in a while (if not everyday), practice concentration and stress-relief techniques to sharpen your cognitive process. Some call it meditation...

  • Exercise everyday... do not yield to lethargy.

  • Treasure your memories. Have a log of important events of your life (in the form of a personal diary, or a blog site). The greatest contentment is to see yourself grow, and become what you want to become.

  • Learn some new stuff everyday... In the very least, learn a new word or read a new quote. There are several RSS feeds to help us with that.

  • Helping others is meritorious, and harming others is sinful. Help ever, hurt never... Live, and let live. For all non-vegetarians, this is something to think about...

  • Never look at the future with the eyes of fear; Be a hero; Always say "I have no fear". As said in the past, face your fears.

  • Love your parents, and make them feel proud of you. After all, they are the reason why you are here.

  • Know all, and Specialize one. This does not mean to be a jack of all trades. One should be able to talk about several diversified topics for a minute or two. Hmmm! Wikipedia comes in handy...

  • Update yourself with the changing times... Change is permanent. As stuff around us change, we need to reset our priorities, principles and life-style.

  • Be a man of your words... That'd be the greatest challenge you could ever take... So, take it!

  • Life is short and sweet... Do something that will be remembered for many years to come (even in your absense)... Let your life be a legend for the future.

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