March 21, 2004


India is doubtlessly shining at every field of Art. The BJP slogan "INDIA SHINING" is indeed the unspoken truth. 'Good Times' for India are slowly getting changed to 'Great Times'. With the Vajpayee government doing their best to bring amity between the 2 historic rival nations (India & Pak), peace and mutual progress signs are evidently visible. The 'Golden Quadrilateral' project to provide excellent highway roads across the country may infact be considered as the primary step towards India's progress to become a developed nation.

Adding to the list, the Indian Cricket Team is at its heights, by displaying a brilliant performance at the World Cup and at the consecutive tours.... The I.T outsourcing by several multi-national companies have enabled the Indian job market to shine like never before. I.T has started blooming in India but at the cost of the jobs at US. Never mind.... as long as India prospers.