March 10, 2004


The offshoring is taking place at a rapid pace by the multi-national companies in US. Well... this is a sweet news to India and China at the cost of an increase in the rate of unemployment in US. A new bill is now drafted by Socialist legislator to check the offshoring of jobs by the US companies. This bill requires the federal agencies to obtain reports on how many employees do these companies have inside and outside United States, and how much each group is being paid. The federal agency is the body in US that grants or loan guarantees to businesses.

Acc to the information sources, "here's the catch: If more U.S. workers than foreign workers received the ax, the company would be "ineligible for further assistance" until it started hiring American employees again."

This is clever tactic to slow down the offshoring activity by the government. However, the Republican leadership favors the corporate world and eventually, their policies and decisions are in favor of the company benifits. So... let us see how good the bill works out in near future.