November 28, 2003


Great deals were offered today (the day after Thanksgiving).... I got up early and went to my friends' appt at around 6:00 in the morn. But to my surprise, no one opened the door... may be they were fast asleep or they might have left for shopping... Well~ anyway! I went to the nearby shopping centers by walk. I had my way straight to "Super TARGET", made a glance at the offered deals , and got the items in my list placed into the shopping cart. They were just personal stuff ... CD/mp3 player, skull-cap, geans and a webcam. Atlast, I got myself a webcam that my parents suggested me to get it long time back. I got a fairly good deal out of them. I spent nearly 2 hrs shopping at TARGET.

Then, I went to STAPLES which is located just beside TARGET... I found an amazingly good deal - HP Digital cam for $99. I bought it at once ... having in mind that my dad wanted to get one... Got to wait & hear my dad's response to this ...!