November 22, 2003


Its after 2 days that I chatted with my parents this morning (obviously using the yahoo messenger)... and i feel comfy after that... Chatting with mom, dad and sis has been a part of my daily routine. Sometimes... I feel that I can afford to miss any of my routine activities, but never miss chatting with my parents & sis. Even after 3 months of stay away from home, its hard for me to live without chatting with them every morning... Infact, that's the first thing that I do in the morn ~

BTW, my sis suggested me to use a special kind of service provided by, which incorporates a better voice-chat technology than any of the usual messengers. Infact Skype uses P2P Telephony (peer-to-peer) to connect an individual to other users - not to share files this time, but to talk for free with family & friends. I downloaded it today... may be I shall try it out tommorow ~