August 09, 2003



For the first time in my life, I've got to take up a different path, a different vision and a different living from those of my parents. My feelings at this point are substantial as they are burdened with the three heavy stones of responsibility, insecurity and loneliness. I got blessing from my grand-parents, my parents and then my uncle & aunts, and then said a big BYE BYE to all of them… Now my journey to life starts.

I got my immigration checked, and then I stepped onto an escalator which took me higher and gently away from my dear ones. I could see my mother weeping and shaking her hands firmly. I felt very senti about that and also realized my deep love and passion for my beloved ones there...

As the escalator took me higher, I felt that I was going to a higher pedestal of life and to achieve a greater purpose. Once I got seated in the plane, I became more enthu to make my career dazzle like a diamond. I realized that my purpose of departing to US is to snatch the diamond-like career, get on top of the world, and finally come back and bring glory to the motherland….


Hey… my 22-hour flight journey to US gave me ample time to relax, recall the most cheerful and enjoyable moments of my life, and read books. For the first 2 hours of my journey, I was struggling to go to sleep and simultaneously recalling few of the great moments of my life… Many came to my mind ~

Then on reaching Frankfurt, I had to catch up with a connecting flight and hence I reported to the appropriate gate, where I found a friend of mine traveling to Dallas. On boarding the flight to Dallas, I took in hand a book titled "THE VERY VERY RICH", by Steve Mariotti & Mike Caslin. It gave an illustrated profile of America's best known Entrepreneurs and describes what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. The profiles of Jeff Bezos, Henry Ford and Thomas Burrell gave me an encouraging spirit to make my mark in the history of entrepreneurs. . . ! Do U know the message that I got from that book..?????

"GET ON TOP OF THE WORLD"… This is the message from my father, and this is eventually the message unspoken by all the entrepreneurs of the world. But, each of them had their own style of expressing their success story.


I had a comfortable travel and things were simple and easy to deal with. My father's friend's son (I call him Rajesh anna) came to pick me up from the airport. We went to his house and very soon, I started having a feel of staying in my own brother's home. The kid - Vineith is a playful and a very interesting person to spend time with, and anni is a very kind woman. I instantly became one in their family and had my time going great….!