March 05, 2007

Writing better blogs with metaphors

Spice your blog with anecdotes, analogies, metaphors and similes. Most of the blogs (mine included) have decent content, grammatically correct for the most part, and exemplifies a casual writing style. But, I don't find many blogs that can cheer its readers, bring out a smile on their face, and yet dont drift away from the main topic in hand.

I found some interesting articles by fellow bloggers on how to write better blogs. Check them out...

  1. How to make your blog readers read your entire post
  2. Great blogger block advice from a prolific blogger
  3. How to write great headlines for your blog

Out of the entire list of tips, the one advice that caught my attention is that analogies, metaphors and similes are great ways to capture reader’s attention. This is so very true. I frequent blogs like GigaOM and Ouch My Toe, and noticed that this writing style is being used very well to the possible extent.

GigaOM is one of the few refined bloggers whose blog-posts have a touch of wit & humor along the sides of quality content. This makes me appreciate his blog even more. Among personal blogs, Ouch My Toe has the exact style I am talking about. I feel refreshed on reading any of his blog-posts, just as how I feel after listening to melodious music. These blogs are real fun to read...

Practicing such a writing style can kindle our creativity, and will sure help us in a bigger picture of social-life. Since personal blogs are considered to be the best choice for experimenting with our linguistics, lets give it a shot. Boy! this means I may need to give more thought for every blog. Hmmm~

By the way, speaking of wit-humor, do you remember how Chandler (Mathew Perry) in Friends season used to make timely (in)appropriate comments for normal situations... I enjoyed it!

Anyways, here are a couple of good resources to get us started on creative writing... The 25 Funniest Analogies
Metaphors & Similes.

Update: I forgot to mention Kathy Sierra's Blog "Creating Passionate Users". Its extremely well written, and a pleasure to read. Check it out~

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