March 22, 2007

Most prominent NRI lie

I met tons of people who tell it out loud and clear that they will return to India after a few years of stay in a foreign country (US in most cases). I used to believe them honestly. But, later they would whisper into my ears that they have no such intentions of getting back to India.

Why lie about returning to India when he knows for sure thats not going to happen? As a result, nobody believes if someone honestly talks about his plans of getting back.

How about using ambiguous words like...
I don't know
Probably / Possibly
I hope so
Lets see...

Huh! I don't understand why anyone would prefer to replace the above words with a blatant lie ("Yes") about returning to his mother country. I can agree that it makes more sense to lie in special circumstances. But, not always and forever...

Probably, thats the way they are... Frankness may not be their cup of tea. Hmm!

1 Comment:

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