February 16, 2007


Today is Shivarathri, a special day (night) for the worshipers of Lord Shiva, and basically all hindus. Shivarathri is a sanskrit phrase which can be literally translated as "The Night of Shiva". People are expected to fast on this day, be awake the whole night, and worship the lord in the form of Shiva-lingam. Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia.

This day is determined according to Vedic calendar system. People are expected to fast throughout the day and worship Shiva. During Night the worshippers practice abstinence from all bad habits and are supposed to regularly worship Shiva if possible throughout the night until dawn. It is strongly believed that Lord Shiva blesses his worshippers on this day and grants moksha to his sincere devotees.

For those who want to know all about Shivarathri and lord Shiva, check this site (MahaShivaratri.org). I find that comprehensive enough. Also check out the below links to learn more about Shivarathri from my fellow blogger...

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