October 08, 2005

New Age CEOs

How can an experienced chap be any lesser than the young new-to-industry kid? What is the motive behind the companies hiring fresh out-of-gradschool guys, when it can opt for experienced candidates. Apart from serving the society, what exactly will the company gain? ? ?

The article "New Age CEOs" partly answers my question that has been hiding in my mind so long. After giving the question a thought, I could figure out the answer myself... Its the following qualities that puts the new-to-industry guys on advantage.

  • Enthusiasm - Eagerness to learn a lot quickly becoz there is so much yet to lear
  • Devotion to work - Need to impress and go up the career ladder soon
  • Cutting edge technology - Having just got out of grad school
  • A lesser pay would suffice
  • Creativity and out-of-box thinking
  • Quick-to-react attitude
  • Not a hint of laziness

Did I miss anything ? ? ?


Anonymous said...

- Boss sees you as fresh clay, so he can mold you into whatever he wants.

Anonymous said...

And experienced people don't have these qualities? You are making the same mistakes the previous 2 generations made.

Anonymous said...

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