September 20, 2005

Eclipse platform

The Eclipse IDE for Java is a revolutionized approach of gaining great long-term success for IBM. I was wondering why would IBM spend millions of dollars into development of an open-source free product without a gain. I knew they would definitely gain... but wondered how?

I attended a seminar at my school (UTD) lectured by one of the staff from IBM. This seminar clarified my doubts, and also provided insight into the architecture of Eclipse. The Eclipse also formed a platform on which several of the IBM products were built. Hence, any eclipse user would be comfortable working with most of the IBM products.

I appreciate the component oriented approach in the making of Eclipse IDE. It follows a perfect layered architecture, and hence can be used as a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool. I am a great fan of Java and Eclipse, and I would like to thank IBM a million times for the promotion of those two.

I also came to know the reason why IBM came up with "Eclipse" as the name for the IDE. Do you know why??? Shall let you know later.

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