October 18, 2004


I thought of having a few themes (tags) attached to my blog messages... You may ask me why? Its just to facilitate easy searching, to get my thoughts organized, to make me think in more directions, and importantly - to be a little different (innovative) than I was before. Following are the themes that I have in mind as of now. More will be added to this list in course of time.

  1. [Inside My Mind~] - my thoughts, opinions, principles and all other thought-level stuff residing in my mind
  2. [Is it Funny?] - jokes, riddles and comics that make us laugh
  3. [Hmm...Interesting !] - Forwarded articles that caught my attention
  4. [Colors of My Life] - Noteworthy events in my life
  5. [My Findings] - Knowledge-rich-articles or any interesting stuff that I come across
  6. [Just Blogging] - All others that cannot be assigned a category

The list will be extended later !