October 27, 2004


Hey... We (Grad students in US) can presume to be the luckiest of all, in terms of materialistic pleasures and luxury. Have a read at this scenario. A person from rural India considers the men in cities to be luckier than what they are. The men in the Indian cities consider the people working in USA to be luckier. Finally, the Indian working community in USA consider those who study in USA to be the luckiest. Wow ! Does that mean that I (grad student in US) am the luckiest ? ? ? Logically speaking... the answer is YES (if luck is measured only in terms of materialism) !

But, there is lot more associated with "Not Being Lucky". I miss my dear ones living in India, I miss my lovely little WagonR car, the tasty Indian food made by my mom, the ride on my Kinetic honda, the weekend shopping with my sis, tasting hotel food with my dad, freaking out with friends, wasting time watching television, playing video games, ... (Hmmm!) To get something, we need to lose something... Thats the law of nature !