October 05, 2004


Here are some ideas that I borrowed from a course material for "Oral Communication & Critical Thinking". While I was just scanning through the pages of printed notes/assignments of this courses, I found some interesting stuff to think about, write, and do in my spare time.

An interesting hobby
Prepare a 3-5 minutes oral presentation on something you know very well... say a favorite book, your ideas on philosophy, your home town, behaviour of your favorite birds or animals, your ideas on self... Make sure that you have enough information for short conversations with your peers.

Think a minute about it...
SUCCESS - What is it? Who has it? How will you achieve it?
A book that changed your life

Take a walk in my shoes - Blog your interesting findings so that others can experience the feelings that u had...

Photo Journal
Document your life as it goes in the form of photos, and arranging them into a journal that tells ur story.

Behind the scenes
Write down the background activities in which you participated for a fruitful outcome of an event that appeared very simple to the public.

There are many more... out of which, only the above ones caught my eyes.