July 12, 2004


I firmly believe that anything can be accomplished with the aid of a good book. All I need is a book that will guide me and tell me the path to accomplish my objective. I did exceedingly well in the SCJP exam to become a Sun Certified Java Programmer. All the credit goes to the authors (Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates) of the book titled "Sun Certified Programmer & Developer for Java2 Study Guide". This was my study guide for the exam... and it is indeed a great book.

Now, I purchased a book published by 'Apress' to prepare for SCJD exam based on excellent reviews. The book reviews at Amazon.com give the most informative feedback about any book under any subject. Infact, this helped me to pick and choose the best book that meet my needs. At the same time, reading a bad book could let me down completely. Recently, I read a book on JDBC by Oreilly publication without paying attention to the book reviews. It is such a bad book, that I lost complete interest on JDBC. I at once stopped reading that and switched over to a better book based on the reviews. Now, I realized the importance of reviews (be it film reviews or book reviews or electronic product reviews)...