July 22, 2004


I got an interview call last week... from 'Viewlocity Analysis Inc' for an internship position in Quality Assurance. Today, the day has arrived... I had my interview at its office located in Richardson. The interview went on cooool, and I felt a friendly ambience around me. After a while, I was asked to get into a conference room, where the interview took place. Several questions were asked... some related to my previous projects & how did I go about doing them, some related to the quality assurance part of my projects, some regarding the development techniques, and finally some questions abt how I participate in a team & work along with my collegues.

The interview was conducted by 2 people (Quality Assurance Project Manager, and the leader) and it lasted for nearly 1 hour. At the interview, I was frank (truthful), confident and energetic while answering their questions. All the questions were neat and straightforward. Just before leaving, I was asked to take up a written assignment to check how I approach a given problem... and guessss, I had done a good job. When I was done with the interview, I was happy with my performance and had my way to the nearest bus-stop to catch a bus that was running towards UTD.