July 21, 2004


Its always fun (but needs patience) speaking to call center people at US. They could hardly spell my name correctly... So, I had to spell it in a way they can understand... I mean, I had to find acronymns to each letter on my name. This is how it goes ~

SESHU - S as in 'Sandy' ; E as in 'Edwin' ; S as in 'Sandy' ; H as in 'Henry' ; U as in 'Utah'... This does not stop here !
K (my middle initial) - K as in 'Kerry (or Katty)'
TANVEER - T as in 'Tom' ; A as in 'Andrew' ; N as in 'Nancy' ; V as in 'Victoria' ; E as in 'Edwin' ; E as in 'Edwin' ; R as in 'Roger'.

Huh ! Atlas, its done (finish telling my name)... after a minute or two.