May 06, 2004


The project work in my course "Computer Networks" is to simulate a network ambience using any high level language and file system. I planned my work in advance and completed the project to perfection in 5 days time. But, a very funny but a fatal thing happened just a day before the project submission day. You know what ? ? ? I accidentally deleted the entire folder in which i had my programs in :-( . How silly of me...! The unfortunate thing is that I did not have any back up of the project in my laptop, becoz of poor wireless net connectivity. So, I had to redo the entire project in 24 hrs to go. I got a little tensed within, but just managed to have a smile. Finally ended up completing the project in a day and submitted it atlast. I got an "A" grade in this course.

Anyway, this taught me a great lesson which I will never forget in life - "Have a BACK-UP of the work". This is the most obvious lesson learnt. But, this is not the root cause of my mistake. I really wonder how I could make such a mistake of accidentally deleting my files. I then realized that I might need a better co-ordination of my thoughts and action. The solution flashed in my mind and its nothing but "MEDITATION". I very well know the benifits of meditation.... but I failed to practice it daily... its just becoz I became lazy and hardly found time to experience solitude. However, no excuses to be given this time. I will take care of my mindfulness, and not to forget abt my physical fitness tooo.....