May 28, 2004


I personally feel that money as a standalone concept has very less value... Much more value will be added only if money is clubbed with time. I mean to say that 'Money at the right time makes more value than money at any given time'. This is a coupling similar to how information is clubbed with time. There is an old adage that says "You loose all your health to earn money and later, you loose all your money to regain health".

This thought kept flashing in my mind when some of my friends did not wish to join me for camping / sightseeing to neighbouring places (away from Dallas) this summer vacation due to the fact of loosing money. What good will it do when we save money all through our lives and hardly use them for enjoyment. May be later... when we have lots of money to spend, we may not find enough time, companions, spirits or fun as we find at the most appropriate age / time (especially in student life). Anyway, its all about attitude... I know that most of them might not agree with me. Anyways, hope I get a good companion to visit atleast one of the states in US other than Texas during the summer's 2nd intersession.