May 17, 2004


Today, I got my Driving licence at around 10:30 in the morning. My friends who accompanied me (Vinodh & Naveen) also managed to get the driving licence without trouble. Well... let me tell you some cool stuff that we experimented with the hired car! We (my friends and I) shared the cost of hiring a car for a long-weekend (saturday-monday). We opted for an economical one... so, landed up with "Toyoto ECHO". Its a 2-door medium sized car that can just accomodate 5 guys (not too fat ones).

On friday, we came up with a clever idea of getting the licence on the same day of hiring the car. But unfortunately, we could not get the time-slot for the practical driving test as there were enough drivers in the queue. So, we had our lunch at Cici's on our way back home and I had my shift (job) in the evening. My friends gave me a ride upto my workplace, and then left to Walmart to purchase groceries.

By the way, Ajit had come that night from TAMU to spend the weekend with us. The next day, we all (5 guys) had our trip to a theme park named "Six Flags Over Texas" at Arlington. We lost our way to Six Flags at the very beggining of our trip, but finally managed to reach there in double the travelling time (1.5 hrs) than what is actually required (45 mins). At Six Flags, it was great fun with so many roller-coster rides for our pleasure.

We could see big queues for the roller-coster rides but nevertheless, they are worthy of our waiting time. Some great rides that I have been include Batman, Gaint Texas ride, TITAN, Superman, Mr.FREEZE, and Flashback. I infact desired to have a ride at "Shockwave", but fell short of time. We started to make our way back at 9:30 pm, and reached home late night at around 11:30 pm after having our dinner at a nearby restaurant. I had been to so many roller-coster rides that i was able to feel the momentum during my sleep tooo... It was damn good fun that we had that day.

Sunday morning, we made some shopping, I had my job, Ajit left to TAMU in the evening, and we practiced parallel parking that night. Infact Parallel Parking has to be done between the 4 polls at the TXDPS center during the test. So we (4 guys including me) went to the same spot, where we will give the test the next day to practice parallel parking. To our dismay, the polls were not fixed in place... So, 3 of us stood in the place of the polls and the 4th guy practiced parking the car. It took nearly an hour for all of us to get the nag of parking the car perfectly withing the polls in just 2 turns.

On Monday morning at 6:50 am, we left home to TXDPS and I was fortunate to get a cool inspector who graded me on my driving skills. I got the licence at last and the same is the case with most of my friends tooo.