February 02, 2004


The Year 2003 marked few bookmarks in my life and things went as I wanted them to get going... I got my under-grad degree, admission to UTD, visa to US and experienced every moment of life. I further experienced the cultural differences here in US, experimented with solitude, managed things all by myself and this elevated my confidence level, gained valuable expertise in various programming languages and made many new friends at UTD. To add more to the list, I made a framework for my career from all the advices that I recieved from Rajesh anna. For now, I am just awaiting for an oncampus job... may be it is in store for me in the year 2004.

Much awaited bookmarks are yet to come in the year 2004. Some of them include getting my first job (oncampus ofcourse), my first trip to India from US, and visiting various places in US during vacations. With my under-grad friends with me now, I am getting more comfortable with my living place. I just feel like thanking god a million times for what ever he has done. Anyway, I firmly believe that anything that happens is for my own good and find every reason to thank god.