February 07, 2004


Well.... I am not talking abt the infrastructural differences and the materialistic pleasures. I am basically talking abt the people and their behavior in the 2 countries. India has so much diversity that it could not be counted as one. I had the chance to know abt North Indians since my room-mate is from Haryana. He tells a lot abt N.India , their people and explains how they celebrate the typical N.Indian festivals such as Holy at their home-town. We also tell him a lot abt South India.

Same is the case with America as well. The people and their habits are also very diversified and it is hard for me to generalize them. But anyway, they all have few things in common. They all love solitude, greeting at people(including strangers) when they come across each other, and be fond of music. I could find many who could not kill time with out a CD player/walkman. Well... we cannot find any of these characteristics in people of India. The Americans also do things explicitly (not shy), be outspoken (frank) and not be very bothered abt what his neighbour might think of him. This is also something that we dont see in India. Indian culture is more of a society-centric one.