February 25, 2004


An article in Computer world puts forward the need to balance speed and quality of the ongoing software projects. It was rightly said that the waterfall development model is too slow for today's need to develop instant solutions to rapidly changing specifications of the customer. To preserve the quality and long-term reputation, we need to device a standardised Rapid Application development model to speed up the development process. A framework based on the Rational Unified Process was reported to achieve a quality greater than CMM Level 5.

This approach will further improve the communication among the team members, customers, management personnel and the project managers using a common ground. "By shifting from the waterfall approach to the RAD technique, developers were delivering exactly what the businesses required, and there was no documentation hurdle between them" says Vanessa Beer, a Fujitsu consultant. This is a good technique rather than partially implementing the slow waterfall development model to quickly meet the deadlines.