January 23, 2004


I tried my best to get an oncampus job at the start of this semester... but my efforts were just in vain. Anyway, its all luck-based and there is very little that we could do abt it. Never mind ! There is always a next time~ At the beggining, I felt frustrated and annoyed... but may be its all for my good. I started off with my assignments this week and shall learn Oracle from the mid of next month. The 2 pre-requisite classes are cool, demanding not much from me. The core course (Algorithms) is loaded with math, but appears interesting. Today, I started getting serious with my studies, prepared my plans for the next month, and also made up my mind to execute these plans without change.

Yesterday... There was a lot of fun at the 'Student Union'. Many kinds of cookies, creamless cakes and pizzas were on display. We had unlimited number of cookies followed by coke/pepsi cans. It was fun altogether.