January 02, 2004


My graduate study at Univ of Texas at Dallas (USA) teaches me far more than mere academics. Every programming project involved in my course-work makes me think hard, and puts me in a simulated work-environment with milestones and deadlines. I had to dwell on the programming logic, project design, and coding patterns & techniques. Meanwhile, I am keeping an eye on the global scenario for the I.T industry, getting first-hand Tech news from my newsletters, and observing the activities of the I.T Big-shots. I am as well in the process of learning the marketable skills which include the most prominent languages such as J2EE, and .NET C#. I would like to take up certification for Java and CCNA during my Summer.

The various career seminars that I attended gave me an insight into how to shape my career to achieve my goals. Further on being away from my parents, I had to take care of my bank transactions and expenditures. Handling money is always an interesting job - It gives freedom in the midst of responsibility. There is yet another valuable feeling that some may miss out while in India. It is the gift of experiencing the solitude, which itself is a nice feeling... creative ideas & wholesome thoughts are triggered all of a sudden while being in solitude. It is so much that I have learnt in the past 4 months... and lots more to be learnt in the next 2 years of my M.S degree. Doubtlessly, it is my golden period of learning...