January 02, 2004


I could clearly make out one inference about the I.T industry in US from the insight that I gained from the technical reviews and some economy-forecast pandits. The Economy in US is rising like a sun at dawn... But the job market is having its bad days. This is a weird scenario that nobody could have expected 5 years ago. It was a general assumption that Economy of a nation is directly proportional to the job scenario in that nation. But here is an odd scene in US, where economy is climbing up the ladder, while jobs are being offshored (exported) to countries like India. Thats a great news to INDIA, but at the cost of salary cut-offs and job lay-outs in US. I am not just talking about the IT industry alone. The offshoring has taken its place strong enough in all other industries such as customer-call centres, medical transcriptions, etc... Altogether, it is an odd scenario displayed in US. This very clear from the year end news which is stated as:

1. Jobless claims fall to nearly 3-year low.
2. The year 2003 has been stock market's first winning year since 1999.

What more evidence do we need for oddity.