August 23, 2007

Walking by the Pond

A few months ago, I quit gym and decided to take a stroll along side a beautiful pond at Cottonwood park in Richardson (TX) for 45 min everyday. The freshness of open-air, the scent of surrounding trees, and the view of birds is immensely refreshing. Sometimes, I'm accompanied by my Ipod, and other times I prefer to experience the solitude.

The liveliness of the ambience vitalizes my daily exercise routine, and makes it pleasurable. I feel fit with alternate rounds of jogging and speed walking, and is a damn good alternative to a boring visit to the gym. Here is the best part... The park is just 7-minutes drive from my house.

Spread out on 25-acres of land, the park has 2 small lakes, a swimming pool, 2 tennis courts, multi-use court facilities and a playground. Families laugh and argue around the grills in the picnic area or hang out in the pavilion. Looks like fun!

In the pond, we can find several colored-ducks, 2 white-duck couples, and a few birds whose names I don't know. The white ducks are so cute that I wanted to pet one of them (like Joey/Chandler in Friends). Of-course, that's ridiculous!

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