August 28, 2007

A fortune making machine for some!

Anything that is shown intact can be hacked... And to spice up things, hackers get rewarded big time! George Hotz, a 17yr. old kid unlocked the IPhone from its better-half AT&T and displays the phone on sale. According to the News, he traded the hacked IPhone for "a sweet Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones". Considering this as a summer project with nearly 500 hours burnt, the reward is good.

IPhone is a fortune making machine for some... Here is another lucky guy Jay Westerdal who earned a million dollars by selling the domain to Apple. Apple shares shot up with the launch of IPhone, and is a treat for Apple share holders and believers. AT&T is profiting to a great extent from the deal too... inspite of what many believe that its a bad marriage between Apple and AT&T. It is one of those couples where a pretty chic embraces the ugly dude.

I hope to see several features built into luxury products to integrate seamlessly with IPhone. Just as how IPod is integrated with Nike shoes, Mercedes/BMW cars, and dock stations, IPhone will soon become ubiquitous!

1 Comment:

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