April 19, 2007

A Smile that made my day

Y'day, I went to Target to get my weekly groceries. But, I was not in a mood to while-away my time by strolling up & down the aisles. So, I just grabbed the most essential items for the week, rushed to the checkout counter, and stood second in the line for billing. Not knowing what to do while waiting for my turn, I was looking at people around me, and some chocolates in the nearby shelf.

I was standing just behind a woman who had her cute little baby in a trolley. I looked at the baby, and started admiring at how cute the little kid is. When the kid rolled his eyes to look at me, I gave him a warm gentle smile. Do you know what I got in response... A hearty loving smile that really made my day. I felt very pleased for the rest of the day, and wished a glorious future for the little kid.

Everyone of us have read dozens of cliches that talk about Smile. Though I accept the validity of every cliche, there is nothing like experiencing it. A simple smile (from a kid) can trigger boundless happiness in us.

Anyways, if you want a reason to smile instantly, check out this blog-post that contain "30 Humorous thoughts to make you smile"

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