April 23, 2007

A Mindmap powered by Google... Howzaat!

Can we have Head-First Answers please? I'm a great fan of the 'Head-First' series of Java books written by Kathy Sierra & the rest... In these books, knowledge is expressed in such a subtle manner that we actually remember what we read. How strange is that ;)

Do you know what makes 'Head first' books different? They use mind-maps, comics, and fun-games to express concepts/facts. So, how about having a search-site called 'Head-First Answers'. Even better if it is powered by Google.

Google can display its search results as a Mind-Map that contains snippets of search results, classified and branched based on the category of that site. It can also include simple human-powered assistance with its blog-search results. In essence, this can be seen as an effective way to merge the wisdom of the blogs, and the knowledge from search results or Wikipedia. Sounds like a possible mashup for Google Labs!

Will this model compete against Askville & Yahoo-Answers ??? In a way, YES. I believe we don't need human powered answers to express that which is in the knowledge bank. However, we definitely need human assistance to find a cognitive solution (say derivation of an algorithm/formula), or a creative alternative.

An interesting question is what data-structure could be used for this flexible mind-map to integrate & collaborate several things? From the very appearance, we can assert it would be a TREE structure (I shall update this post with possible implementation strategies later).

To spice up things, features such as personalizing, sharing & export can be added to any single Mindmap. This way, we can get some effective utilization of the increasing blogosphere.

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