November 10, 2006

Myths for web2.0 ideas

Y'day, I was discussing with my friend about the characteristics of a web2.0 application that can generate AD-revenue with ease. We quickly came up with a list of myths for webapp ideas.

  1. Page Hits
    The webapp should genuinely compel the user to visit the site often. In other words, the user should find the need to interact with the webapp on a daily basis for his benefit. For instance, Bookmarking, Digg, Blog, ...

  2. Applicability
    The webapp should be applicable to serve a large community. Bigger the size of your target audience, greater are the chances of success.

  3. Desperate Audience
    Desperate users will click through your Ads more often than others. So, the webapp should serve user's top priority needs such as finding jobs, dates, free money, deals, etc...

  4. Simplicity
    Keep it short and simple... in terms of both purpose and interface. The purpose of the webapp should be simple, straight-forward, and solve a specific problem in the domain. An overly complicated tool with multi-tasking capability can confuse or frighten the user. Also, keep the navigation interface and GUI as simple (yet elegant) as possible.

  5. Maintenance Cost
    Start-ups should consider the cost of maintaining large databases, security, etc. So, make sure the webapp requires just a minimum set of web resources to start off with.

  6. Creative solution
    The webapp should provide a new solution to an old problem. That means, it should be unique in its capability to serve the user's need. Its not healthy to replicate other webapps, and clone the top-notch apps in the domain.


Kapil Ohri said...

Its tough to arrive at conclusion at this moment as how may web app developers in Web 2.0 scenario are following its social aspect in a true sense. Also the replication and clonning of ideas and concepts are rapidly taking place, now everyone wants to make a social networking site, local search engines are rolling out very frequently. Those who will follow the Web2.0 aspects seriously will pass the test of time, rest may fail !!!

Anonymous said...

would you want to mention who the friend is :)

Anonymous said...

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