November 15, 2006

Cool Idea for a Mobile App

During the NFJS symposium in Dallas, one of the speakers mentioned about an excellent application (you may call it web2.0) for a mobile user. It appropriately makes use of today's high-tech cell phone capabilities. For the sake of discussion, lets give the application a name... I am going to call it 'Deal on Demand'

While you are shopping, you come across an expensive article that you wish to purchase... But, you keep your fingers crossed about the best price you could pay for it. This is when 'Deal-on-Demand' comes into your life. Using your camera-phone, you click a photo at the barcode of the article, and send it along with your zip-code to the 'Deal-on-Demand' center via SMS / Email. You get a message back telling you if thats a good price to pay. In addition to that, you may also be informed about the nearest location where you could buy it at a cheaper price.

It sounds so cool... Does'nt it? If I've heard it right, there is a team of developers out there trying to execute the idea already!

Disclaimer: Its not my idea.

1 Comment:

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