August 13, 2006

Disciplinary Mind

Y'day, my mom was explaining me the content of the book "Sri Ramakrishna Prabha", which she had read recently. The subject interested me a lot, and I decided to subscribe to this book. It gives a greater clarity to my thoughts, and teaches me the righteous way to live life. Click here for the article that convinced me to go for a subscription. Its an article titled "Overcoming Negative Ideas", but it tells much more that just that. Here is an excerpt.

There is an interesting anecdote of a landowner who lived near the town of Beaumontin, Texas, in America. Financial reasons forced him to sell portions of his land to feed his family. Then an oil company manager told him that there could be oil on his property and offered to pay him royalties if he would permit them to drill on his land. The landowner agreed, as he had nothing to lose. Surprisingly, there was indeed an oil well there and that was the discovery of 'Spindle Top', the most productive single oil well in history. The landowner became an instant multimillionaire--or did he? The reply is no. He had been rich even earlier but did not have the knowledge of the oil available there and consequently did not capitalize on it. Similarly, everyone has in himself an incredible ability, talent and divine wealth, which however remains unrecognised and unutilised. We should hence get acquainted with ourselves by doing a little mental drilling and exploring, for we have nothing to lose in the process. And what is the tool for this task? Self-discipline. It is the key to all great discoveries, and achievements in all walks of life.
The above excerpt tells that by self-decipline, we can achieve greater heights. Read the article's section titled 'Dive Deep, O Mind' to learn the varieties of disciplinary exercises for the youth to choose.


veena said...

hmmm.. i shall follow it

Anonymous said...

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