August 01, 2006

AR Rahman's "WorldSpace - Signature Tune"

WORLDSPACE® Satellite Radio unveils Signature-Tune by brand ambassador AR.Rahman. The signature tune will be used in an integrated communications campaign.

The WORLDSPACE signature tune draws inspiration from the sounds of nature and the rhythms of our everyday lives. AR Rahman has woven the lyrical sounds of the soothing sea, a bird's chirpy call, the earthy chant of fishermen – among a medley of other evocative sounds around us, crafting a tune that refreshes and energizes, showcasing the true inspiration of music.

Click here to listen to the tune. Its simply superb!


muni satish said...

This is MUNI frm noida i like the music of A>R>REHMAN (hrudayanjali).
signature tune for world space is really good.MUSIC IS EVERYWHERE i like it

Anonymous said...

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