February 27, 2006

Microsoft vs Rest of the world

We all know about the incompatible standards for the upcoming DVD generation (HD-DVD and Blu-ray). Microsoft takes the stand on HD-DVD, while many other companies take the opposite stand. Reasons are evident as Java Runtime Environment is used by the Blu-ray devices. If no single standard solution can be framed, it will then be interesting to let consumers decide which one to eliminate in near future.

Yet another battle of technologies... Its the Microsoft InfoCard versus Project Higgins that is lead by IBM and Novell. Project Higgins is an open-source effort managed by the eclipse foundation. It deals with the idea of managing personal identity of an internet user in a convenient way.

Interestingly, Windows servers for the first time topped Unix for the quarterly results. However, combining all flavors of Unix (Unix, Linux, Solaris) beats Windows without doubt. Check it out here. Moreover, the single-user nature of MS-DOS makes it really hard for Microsoft to compete with the multi-user nature of Unix.

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