November 07, 2005

Kindled the FIRE

A deep thought kindled the fire in me at end of the 3-day symposium. At first I was admiring at those speakers for the amount of knowledge and the number of accomplishments they have had. I asked myself... Where am I heading towards? What am I doing for my career?[Nothing] Will my student life end after getting my MS degree?[Dont know]

After contemplating on it for a few days, I came up with answers. I should march towards a great career, and not a mere job. Till date, I've been gaining knowledge beyond my MS course-work, and have a couple of SUN certifications (SCJP, SCBCD) to my credit. But, I did not put effort to find where I would stand after 5-10 years down the lane.

I aspired to have atleast 1 book to my credit. Why don't I start researching on just 1 specialized topic of my interest (say Web-Services) including its past, all the present technologies associated with it, and its scope for future. In a period of time (close to 3 yrs), I will gain expertise and be a master of it. Then, it would be a right time for me to write a book on it.

Well... it all sounds too ambitious initially, but I believe that I can do it with proper planning and diligence. Lets wait and see...


Anonymous said...

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