August 13, 2004


Today morning, I could find nothing functioning... The computer labs are locked, library is closed, Cafetaria has its shutters half-down (open for its cleaning work only, & not for the public), none walking up and down the buildings, and no signs of a Friday morning. My Roomies and I got up late in the morning (latter than usual), and are now staying at home jobless. Do you know why? ? ? Its becoz there is a power failure in the university. There has been some under-ground work going on (may be displacing the power cables)... as a result of which, the power has been shut down for the next 24 hours. Now, I can see how dependent are these Americans on regular power supply. The security system in the library, computers and servers, Billing machines at the Cafeteria, ... and u name it, Nothing can function without electricity.