October 19, 2003


I just got this article from the internet. It sounds very practical and funny... Its all about YOUR GIRLFRIEND .................

This piece is meant for all the boys and for only those girls who take it cool ... ~
Which type of woman is your girlfriend?"
Is she an ....

INTERNET woman: Woman of difficult access.

SERVER woman: Always busy when you need her.

WINDOWS woman: Everyone knows that she can't do a thing right, but no one can live without her.

EXCEL woman: They say she can do a lot of things but you mostly use her for your four basic needs.

SCREENSAVER woman: She is not worth for anything, but at least she is fun!

RAM woman: She forgets everything you say when you disconnect her.

HARD-DISK woman: She remembers everything, FOREVER.

MULTIMEDIA woman: She makes horrible things look beautiful.

USER woman: She messes up everything she does and she asks always more than she needs.

CD-ROM woman: She is always faster and faster.

E-MAIL woman: Every ten things she says, eight are nonsense.

VIRUS woman: Also known as "wife"; when you are not expecting her, she comes, installs herself and uses all your resources. If you try to uninstall her you will lose something, if you don't try to uninstall her you will lose everything.