June 03, 2008

Real Education can give you a new personality

What we get in today's schools is not real education. The real education should help in the wholistic development of oneself. There is a lot more than academic knowledge. A school should teach its students how to differentiate the good and bad, develop their vision, give clarity to their purpose, shape-up their character, and make them fit to handle life as it comes.

I recently read an article about "Chinmaya Vidyalayas - Schools with a Difference" written by Swami Tejomayananda. It was very well said that it requires hard work from all the four - students, teachers, parents and the management for educating the child. They should be taught not only academic knowledge, but also some values and ideals that will remain with the students through out their lives. Here is an excerpt from his article...

"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for everything". If you don't stand by some principle, value or ideal in life, you will fall prey to the innumerable temptations that are sure to come your way. This can be best explained by two words - Compromise and Sacrifice. Compromise is giving up of higher ideal for the sake of a lesser thing. Whereas in sacrifice, one gives up the lower things for the sake of higher ideals. It is always the person with sacrifice who is respected, and not the person of compromises.

Here is another one that is so true... In success - we should have humility; And in failure - have the enthusiasm to go ahead. We should be like a "Rubber Ball" that bounces back with more force after a fall.

Education is not about acquiring knowledge alone. The real education is about acquiring the knowledge and utilizing it for good. Though we have the Nuclear Science that is capable of resolving the energy crisis of the world, many have effectively used it for destruction purposes only.

The parents should make an effort to teach their children higher values along with rich knowledge, and thus shape up tomorrow's ideal personalities.

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