May 13, 2008

Eventful trip to India

Having got a decent deal with Lufthansa airlines, I purchased the flight tickets just a week before my departure to India. On April 17, I boarded the flight to India from Dallas. After 21 hours of travel boredom, I got down the plane at Chennai Intl airport, and felt the breeze of India. Warm and comfy... and it was midnight!

I got done with the routine procedure at the immigration, and had to wait for the baggages to arrive. Lucky me... Both my baggages arrived without wearing out. I then rushed out to meet my loved ones outside the airport. I saw my dad and mom waiting right at the door. We exchanged hugs and kisses, and soon reached home. My sis, grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins were all awake to see me come home. We talked for a couple of hours before we all slept for the night.

During my trip to India, my family along with my uncle's family had a 9-day trip to a couple of hill-stations Coorg and Munnar. We quickly visited Mysore and Madurai that were on our way. I'll write more about these places in a separate post. We returned home on May 3.

The next day (on May 4), I was invited as a guest-of-honor at the Rotary club of Vadapalani, where I spoke about "Entrepreneurship and Ethics". I borrowed most of my speech content from this very own blog. After my speech, the president of Rotary club presented me with a memento and a book.

It was my mom's birthday on May 5. My sis and I wished my mom on her birthday, and we gifted her a silver-plated MOM-frame. Also, we got a groom for my sister on this day. In the evening, we all went to celebrate and dine at a nearby restaurant. The next 1 week of my stay in India is filled with shopping, temple-tour and quality time with my family. Packed with lot of memories, I reached US on May 12. In brief, this trip has been very eventful and pleasurable.

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