March 12, 2008

Did you try these websites...

Here are some excellent websites that I came across in web2.0 blogs, and worth a review.
Fun: Animoto
Create a high quality jazzy video in a snap with your pics in place. The slideshow dances to your favorite tune, and best of all its free for short videos. I created one with a blend of my hobbies and passion along with my pics.

Utility: Keepm
Its an address book, and similar to Plaxo in functionality. It has a good interface and handy import features. Its a good one to better manage contacts.

Developer: WaveMaker
Ajax webapp developers should worry no more. Wavemaker makes our lives a lot easier with drag-n-drop interface to create Ajax websites. This is a good tool to develop web2.0 sites.

Develop & Consume: Clickpass
Excellent work by the clickpass guyz… I gave it a shot, and was surprised at how much easier it is to use OpenID with clickpass. I will soon use Clickpass developer-kit for one of my openID enabled site that I developed ( Read the full review on Techcrunch.


Christopher Keene said...

Thanks for recommending WaveMaker! We may not be quite as snappy as Animoto, but you can get more useful work done with WaveMaker!

Anonymous said...

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