January 19, 2008

This Week's Link Love

Some great useful sites that I found this week... Some are fun, some intuitive and others are useful.

Web 2.0

  1. Revision3 : Nice videos to watch from the comfort of your computer chair ;)
  2. MicroPlace : Invest money, and end poverty
  3. OpenID wins the support of Yahoo and Google. Hurray!
  1. What’s Stopping You from Getting Started (and What to Do About It)
  2. 10 Secrets of Success: Same old stuff, but good to be reminded.
Startup Tips
  1. How to choose Mentors
  2. The Launch of 5PM: Casestudy of a web startup
  3. Collaboration between Startups: Mutually help each other succeed is the way to go!
  1. The Zero Rupee Note: A new way to show your finger to the corrupted idiots in India
  2. Provoked at Perth: Great victory for Indian cricket
  3. Taare Zameen Par : An excellent movie that should be watched by parents

1 Comment:

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